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Frequently Asked Question
Frequently Asked Question
Frequently Asked Question

How can I book the required space?

You can visit our website and select the property as per your preference and call our team to pay the booking amount. Once you pay the amount, selected space is reservered for you. Rest assured about the property, what you see, is that what you get. But you can still visit the property by yourself by filling the "Request visit" form online.

How much I need to pay for advnace booking?

You need to pay half month rent as advance booking amount for the property booking. After paying the advance booking amount, you need to pay the rest amount as applicable before one week of scheduled on-borading date of the property (excluding the date of on-boarding). Kindly note, however advance booking is only allowed before 30 days of scheduled on-boarding date.

What if I cancel the booking after paying the advance booking amount?

If you cancel the booking before 15 days of scheduled date of on-boarding (excluding the date of on-boarding), the booking amount will be refunded after deducting the processing fees of Rs. 500/-. If you cancel before 14 days to 1 day of scheduled date of on-boarding (excluding the date of on-boarding), the whole advance booking amount will be forefeited and there will be no refund in this case. If you cancel on or after scheduled on-boarding date, no refund will be provided as the advance booking amount stand forefeited. In such case of cancellation, the booked space/bed/room/house will be released and it will be made available to other tenants.

What document are required to submit as tenant?

As a tenant, you need to submit the documents 1. PAN Copy 2. Aadhar copy/Passport Copy for address proof. 3. Two Passport size photo.

What document are required to submit as owner?

As a owner, you need to submit the documents 1. PAN Copy. 2. Aadhar copy/Passport Copy 3. Property Electricity Bill 4. One of this Ownership Proof copy i. Sale Deed/Title deed /Mother deed/Conveyance Deed. ii) Khata Certificate iii) Latest Tax Paid Receipt till Date of Registration (Property Tax/Municipal Tax etc). iv) Possession letter. 5. One Passport size photo.

What is the lock-in period and notice period?

The lock-in period may vary on case to case basis, but in general it may be from 2 to 4 months for specific property. After completion of the lock-in period, Notice period is of 30 day.

What is the policy in case of theft?

It expected that tenant must take care of his/her personal belongings and valuable in the agreed house. The Licensor, Owner or its authorised representatives including Dhritidhanya Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. and it's employees/consultants are not liable for any theft of personal belongings of tenants.

What is the policy in case of loss or damage of furnishing, furniture or appliances of the property?

Any loss or damage of furnishing, furniture or appliances of the property, the tenant shall be held responsible and the Licensor/Owner or its authorised representative shall have right to recover the appropriate loss from the security deposit of the tenant.

Is Transport available for urgent needs?

Transport is not readily available but based on specific request, based on availabily Transport may be arranged on direct payment basis.

Is guest allowed in the property?

No guest is allowed to stay in the property. No opposite sex is allowed in the property. The decision of company in this regard is final and tenant has no say in this case, whatsoever be the reason. In case of violation of this rule, the "Agreement" can be terminated.

What if, I could not pay the rent on time?

Every tenant needs to pay the Rent by 3rd day of the month. In case of non payment of rent by 5th of the month, there will be late fees of Rs. 100/- for each subsequent day delay; post 5th day of the month. If the rent is not paid by 15th day of the month, the "Leave and License" Agreement will be terminated.